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I grew up in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, across the street from the famous beach of Ipanema and have been living on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii since 1997. From an early age, my parents took me to the beach and helped me catch waves on a bodyboard. Bodyboarding became my biggest passion and I competed professionally for several years. This was until I began kitesurfing. Kiting completely took over my life. I took my first lesson in the summer of 2008 and since that first lesson I could not stop dreaming about it and have now spent all my free time going to the beach to practice and get better.

I rode a twintip board until I was experienced in flying the kite and tacking back and forth to the same place. It was in February of 2009 that I switched to riding a surfboard full time. I have always had a crazy passion for riding waves and when I was able to do it with a kite, life got even better. I have been riding with no straps for most of this time and my goal is to make it look and feel as close to surfing as possible. I feel like kiting in the surf without straps is just an extension of surfing and I love the freedom and challenge of it.

I need to thank my husband Chuck for spending countless hours shooting video and photos of me and helping improve my skills.

I hope you like what I do and I would love to hear from you if you have some feedback or comments.

Happy kiting everyone!

– Adriana –

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