Lobitos,Peru – KSP Update 1

This is my first update from Peru and so far it has lived up to everything people said it is. Chuck and I left Hawaii on October 4th and it took us over 35 hours to get from HNL to Lobitios, Peru. When we were in L.A.X we had a small world moment and ran into Felix Pevic who was on his way back to Hawaii from the Mauritius KSP event. We arrived in Lima International Airport and did not have a solid plan, we were either going to Pacasmayo or Lobitos by bus or by plane. In Lima we were walking through the airport trying to figure out what to do and we bumped into Sylvio Mancusi who was there with his wife, and Sebastian Ribeiro. They were heading up to Lobitos to kite and surf and invited Chuck and I to come along. It was decision time, do we save money and ride the 9 hr overnight bus to Pacasmayo or jump on one last plane? The plane ticket to Pacasmayo cost about $100 and about $170 to Lobitos. Taking the bus would have been much cheaper, but after the long flights from Hawaii, we did not want to wait to take the bus at night and then ride overnight to either place. We opted for the quick plane ride north to Lobitos and were able to sleep in a bed rather than a bus seat that night.

We arrived in Lobitos right before sunset and saw some amazing 5-6ft  lefts peeling down the point and knew we had made the right decision. Lobitos is a very small town with only a handful of places to stay and we ended up having to all share a single room with bunk beds and no hot water!! After 35 hrs of travel I was not going to get in bed without a shower and I had to brave the cold water and it was a miserable experience to say the least because the weather was also very cold.

Lobitos is a small town in Northern Peru and the town is based in and around numerous oil drilling rigs, both on land and offshore. From the shore you can see numerous offshore oil rigs and on land the small individual oil pumps are constantly swinging up and down. It is a dirty, dusty place with no vegetation and no rain for most of the year so everything is covered in dust the minute you arrive. It is unlike any place I have ever been and I would imagine Mars or the Moon to be very similar. There are not a lot of cars or trucks here and the main local mode of transportation is the Tuk Tuk, which is a converted motorcycle with an enclosed seating area on the back. Rides cost about $1.00 (2.50 soles) from one side of town to the other and if you are able to find the disco Tuk Tuk you will surly enjoy the ride.

The waves in Lobitos have been amazing since we arrived. The first day we counted over 50 surfers in the water, something I did not expect to see in this small dusty town. The wind starts to blow around lunch time and so far we have had three days of solid 5m to 7m wind with some of the longest waves I have ever kited. This is my first real experience riding lefts and after three days I feel like I am starting to get the feel for it. The wind has been fairly gusty and offshore. The local fisherman said two days ago was the windiest day of the year so far. We had dirt and dust covering everything inside and outside our room and people were kiting up until sunset.

It looks like we are going to be heading to Pacasmayo tonight on the bus and it will give me 10 solid days to practice for the upcoming KSP event, which will take place from October 18th to October 28th. You can watch it live at http://www.kspworldtour.com/live. I will try and post some more photos and an updated blog post in the coming days.

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