windiest session

Today I kited in the windiest conditions ever! It was a lot of fun and it felt good to know that even though I weight as much as a 10 year old and I can manage to kite on these conditions.

I have never seen this much wind at Mokuleia before. Chuck was wishing and just waiting for me to come in so he could get on my 5m. He ended up going on my 6m and was totally lit!. My smallest kite is a 5m and I had to depower it so much that the kite would not turn. I manage to do pretty well though and I caught some pretty fun waves. There is a good swell on the forecast for next week and I am looking forward to it!!!

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  1. John Bertsch says:

    Hi Adrian,
    wow that looks like some good winds 40 gusts
    Compared to the lack of wind we have had the past few weeks here.
    Keep ripping the waves, been surfing myself

    A friend of mine was out there by himself one day while back and it was good then it came up and got too much for a 9m and he came in, no one was there and it was super windy to do a self land in park, finally he ended up at the end and got his kite down after struggle

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