windiest session

Today I kited in the windiest conditions ever! It was a lot of fun and it felt good to know that even though I weight as much as a 10 year old and I can manage to kite on these conditions. I have never seen this much wind at Mokuleia before. Chuck was wishing and …

GoPro footage at Mokes

Here is a video edited by Randy Leavitt and shot with a GoPro mounted on a poll by Richard Whyte at Mokuleia, Hawaii. Featuring Chuck Harlan, Adriana Harlan, Moona Whyte, Randy Leavitt, and Felix Pivec.

New Video

I just wanted to share my addiction with everyone, so I made this video with some of the footage Chuck took of me in the last few months. Vimeo version Youtube version  

SBC Kiteboard Mag Article

SBC Kiteboard mag just released its latest issue and did an awesome article about last year’s KSP wave riding world tour. I am so glad I was able to be part of the tour! Here is one of the pages of the article with a photo of me riding in Cabo Verde during the expression …