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  1. Kimmie Walstad-Bier says:


    Aloha! I enjoyed your site, good reads, colorful pics, and aesthetically pleasing — in particular, the website layout and color choices! Nice job!

    “I dedicate all my time kiting in the surf and I hope I can be an inspiration to other girls.” Hands down, an inspiration for me! My husband, Greg Bier, said: Here, Kimmie, you’ve got to watch this — great gal, great kiter, great husband, great people. You’ll like. And right, he was!
    Do you know how hard it is to find video of WOMAN kiters going down the line and kickin’ it in dah surf, sistah? Very hard. And good enough footage/film to actually study and learn from? It’s just not out there. Lots of twin tippers and big kine air, but next to nil for wave riding.

    So, with that said, I hope one day Greg and I can get over to lovely Hawaii and maybe catch some waves and “go down the line,” sistah!

    Much Aloha!
    And Best of Luck!
    Kimberly Walstad-Bier

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